Electroencephalograph (EEG Machine)

Electroencephalograph (EEG Machine)
Electroencephalograph (EEG Machine)
Product Description

Product: Electroencephalograph (EEG Machine)


Series: VIRGO


Allengers Virgo series of EEG test system is a digital signal processing and brain mapping technique. The device is intended to acquire, store, and transfer biophysical parameters to EEG machines for the purpose of assisting the diagnosis of neurological and sleep disorders, measurement, and display of cerebral activities for EEG and Sleep Studies. This data may be used by the clinician in Sleep Disorders, Epilepsies, and other related disorders as a diagnostic tool.

Special Features:


  • 24 / 32 / 40 Channel EEG.
  • Plug & play USB with portable EEG (no need of external supply).
  • Lightweight & compact amplifier with high quality of electrodes.
  • Features like Amplitude Integrated EEG (AEEG), CSA/DSA frequency distribution, brain mapping, etc.
  • User editable unlimited numbers of montages.
  • Facility to send EEG data through E-Mail and export in MATALAB/Lab view/media player format.
  • Optional: Synchronized high-resolution MPEG-4 video with EEG recording.
  • Optional: SPO2, HR & pleth recording facility.
  • Optional: Battery, high end camera (pan, tilt & zoom).



An EEG is a test that detects abnormalities in your brain waves, or in the electrical activity of your brain.

During the procedure, electrodes consisting of small metal discs with thin wires are pasted onto your scalp. The electrodes detect tiny electrical charges that result from the activity of your brain cells.

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