Ceiling Free Digital Radiography System

Ceiling Free Digital Radiography System
Ceiling Free Digital Radiography System
Product Description

Product: Digital Radiography System (Ceiling Free)

Models: MARS 15 - 80

Ratings: 15/30/40/50/50+/65/80 KW (250 - 1000 mA)

Series: Digix ECO Plus

Allengers Digix ECO Plus an economical series of digital radiography systems are specialized models for general radiographic applications. These systems are available with the X-Ray tube head mounted on a ceiling free stand, a single detector embedded in the moveable detector stand housing, mobile table, and high-frequency X-Ray generator (as per user intended applications).

Special Features:

  • Contrast enhanced digital image processing.
  • Digital image processing (overcome errors in exposure factor selection) for enhanced details.
  • Preview image is available in less than 3 seconds (no long wait for patients).
  • Versatile moveable detector stand having an inbuilt FPD/Wi-fi FPD to enable all types of radiographs with a mobile table (MobiT / MobiT4 / MobiT6).
  • Wide dynamic range (soft tissues and hard bones can be seen together).
  • Superb image quality due to fine pixels and high contrast image.
  • Efficient and user friendly work flow due to DICOM based system.
  • Easy to connect with existing HIS/HMS/RIS/PACS in a hospital environment.
  • Post-processing adds more to the image quality.
  • Image stitching software (optional).
  • Integra X Integrated system for exposure and image parameters control.
  • DICOM 3.0 Compatible.

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